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Our tenant referencing partner Blinc-UK are industry leading in terms of details checked and combines 10 years of referencing experience with cutting edge technologies.
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Tenant reference application overview

Credit Check and Right to Rent

All of our reference applications instantaneously hit multiple data points at the point of submission speeding up the referencing process with instant feedback on their findings. Adverse credit is flagged up instantly and is checked at all addresses provided not just the applicants current address. These immediate checks on the applicant include ID verification and right to rent status check using image scanning technology, PEP & Sanctions check and bank account verification to name but a few. These checks show you an instant picture on your proposed tenant as soon as you submit your application.

Employment/Income Reference

Our employment references are all based on finding current and ongoing information and not relying on historical data like some of our competitors and try to paint the picture of the applicants ongoing earnings. All contact details for referees are verified before accepting any references either by phone or email from employers and accountants and all references are chased multiple times daily to ensure we turn our applications around as quickly as possible. We also understand that not every applicant fits the perfect scenario of obtaining a standard reference so we are also able to look at different sources of income and savings to ensure you don’t lose out on potentially good tenants if they don’t fit a one size fits all approach that is so common in the industry.
Tenant dashboard employment details section
Approved Blinc-UK tenant reference certificate

Residency Reference

Our credit check checks all addresses provided to us over the last 3 years and also checks linked addresses to ensure you are getting the whole picture of applicants. We will take up to date landlord references for applicants where applicable and will look at previous landlord references where needed as well. Our industry leading checks can distinguish in the background if applicants are not living where they say they do and get flagged up to us for further checks. Land registry checks are also carried out as standard on any applicant that states they are a homeowner to confirm their ownership and ensuring they are not trying to avoid and adverse landlord references.

Company Reference

Unlike several of our competitors we can carry out company reference applications which looks into the financials behind the company and provides information the companies trading status, credit score, credit limit and risk level.
Approved tenant reference application interface
Image scan results on international ID document

International Reference

Overseas applications can be carried out in the same way as a normal reference through our platform and include International financial sanctions, Money laundering & PEP checks. A right to rent status check is carried out as standard so you can know all this information instantly and we will then obtain employment/income references moving forward for the period of the tenancy.

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