Lettings software that works your way, with less effort

Get a new tenancy set up with complete flexibility. Our platform lets you process the whole move-in quickly and intuitively.
Tenancy overview interface
Tenancy dashboard interface

See everything at a glance

Work more efficiently using dashboards to see everything that needs to be actioned.

Manage the whole process in one place

An extensive platform that has been built with all the features needed.

Bring your own workflow

Don't be forced into working our way, the system will allow you to carry out tasks in the order you choose. Move at the pace you need to without sticking to an 'on-rails' workflow.
Tenancy todo list with comments
Staff communicating via comments

Communicate with ease

Keep in contact with admin teams, negotiators, landlords and tenants using in-built comments and automatic notifications.

Currently under contract with another provider?

If you like what you see but are already on a contract, we can buy you out of your existing agreement.
Baffled man tied into an existing contract

See how we can improve your tenancy process.

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