About Us

Who we are and where we came from.

How Pink Chilli started

Pink Chilli was started by two teams from different backgrounds with the common idea that technology can drive the property industry forward.
One team has a background in proving industry leading property and lettings products and services, the other a background in providing multi-sector software development and business systems.
Together they created Pink Chilli; a single platform designed to bring the property industry into the digital age.
Mobile phone displaying property technology with a cityscape protruding from the screen

Our goals

Provide functions which accurately perform industry specific tasks
Optimised programming and servers to allow a fast experience even on slow connections
Built using a modern and regularly updated framework to keep data secure
We listen to all feedback and respond to it to improve the platform
Keeping the interface clean and consistent using modern design principles makes it easy to use
Only add a feature if it has a genuine use in the industry
Save as much time by automating simple or repetitive work
Allow users to work without being fixed into an order that is too rigid

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