Virtual AML and KYC Customer On-boarding

Validate customer identity without face to face meetings utilising liveness tests and AI identity document scanning.
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Passport MRZ characters being successfully scanned

Customer on-boarding with instant ID scan technology

With property fraud on the increase and criminals finding more inventive ways to assume another person’s identity, you need confidence that your customer on boarding processes are robust enough to protect your business. Our platform provides online identity checks that combine extensive data with powerful linking technology, delivering immediate results to help you know who you are dealing with.

More than just an AML check

Our platform allows you to not only carry out the money laundering checks you require to remain compliant but it is also a compliance workflow platform that has a full audit trail for users and customers making sure you have a full record of the processes you have gone through. It also allows you to add further compliance documents to your check to ensure all your compliance can be taken care of and managed in one place.
Setup wizard for a virtual anti-money laundering check
Interface highlighting property ownership has not been confirmed

Checks tailored to the property industry

Our checks have been tailored around the requirements of the property industry, so we have fully integrated transaction property Land Registry confirmation into the work flow, so you can easily complete your AML checks, ID Validation and Transaction property ownership confirmation with a few clicks, in real time.

Reduce administrative errors and time with our image scanning technology

Our machine learning ID image to text scanning technology puts an end to manually entering MRZ numbers and the additional costs that comes from data entry errors, meaning you will only ever be charged once for the ID validation.
Interface instructing users where to find a MRZ on an ID document

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